Bury and District Badminton League

Club Knockout competition Rules (amended September 2015)

  1. Each team shall consist of three men and three ladies. Teams must nominate a minimum of 3 men and 3 women, with a maximum of 4 reserves (2 men, 2 women). Nominations must be provided by the end of September.
  2. Each team captain must, before the match starts, provide the captain of the opposing team with a detailed list of the games in which each member of the team will be competing.
  3. Each team should complete a score sheet and these should be checked against each other at the end of the match.
  4. It is the responsibility of the winning club to provide the result of the match and the score sheet to the Tournament Secretary.
  5. Each rubber shall consist of two sets (18 games for the whole match). Rally points scoring will be used and there will be no extended play.
  6. Each match shall consist of 2 Mens Doubles, 2 Womens Doubles and 5 Mixed Doubles.
  7. Players must be bona fide members of the club which they represent. No player may play for more than one club in the tournament in any one season.
  8. The order of play shall be as indicated on the score sheet, unless otherwise agreed by the Captains beforehand.
  9. Teams will be drawn into groups of no more than 4 teams, and will play 1 match against each member of the group. The group winners will play each other on Finals Night (date and venue to be determined each season).
  10. Matches can be played in any order within the group, but must be completed by April 15th. The draw will be available before the League AGM.
  11. Home and Away venues to be decided using the following tables.

    Group of 3 Teams 1 v 2 2 v 3 3 v 1
    Group of 4 Teams 1 v 2 1 v 3 2 v 4 3 v 2 3 v 4 4 v 1

  12. In group matches, 2 points will be awarded for a win and in the event of a draw, the away team will be the winner. In the event of a tie for final positions, the team scoring the most points (including the handicap) over all the matches in the group will be placed higher. In the event of 2 teams scoring the same total points, the result of the tie between these clubs will be used.
  13. (a) In the final, group A will be designated the home team. If the venue for the final is one of the finalist's regular venue, that team will be deemed the home team, regardless of group.
    (b) In the final, in the event of a draw the away team will be deemed the winner.